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“WATARAI” Healing Energy



Hello, my name is WATARAI from Creative Art Showers.



I perform spiritual energy healing by drawing original art utilizing unique energy that only I can channel - minute particles of energy that I call “WATARAI” (healing energy).


I offer to heal and improve the human body and mind.



In the sessions that I offer, I utilize light particles of energy that provide benefits of feeling lighter and happier, less burdened, resulting in improving your health. More over the session is beneficial if you have any deep and indescribable problems of unknown cause or origin.



I have come to be able to perform these kind of sessions as follows:



When I was in my mid-twenties, I was mentally suffering with many heavy burdens on my mind.  It had become difficult for me to live emotionally and physically so I started to practice breathing.  I also received spiritual healing for my overly sensitive constitution and PTSD (post-tramatic stress disorder). These experiences enhanced my senses and I became more sensitive to spiritual energy.  I then knew I had the potential to become a healer.  Some of the healers had also told me that I have the talent to become a healer.  I then practiced every day without taking breaks and became a healer.


In my twenties I met the healer Diana Gazes when she came over to Japan. During a DNA 12stranded activation session that I was receiving from her she told me “ You have received a special permission”.


The person interpreting the session was surprised to hear Diana’s statement.


My faith became stronger by visiting pure energy shrines everyday even during heavy rain and stormy weather.


One day my energy was totally drained out from me even though I had tried to prevent it.


I then had the chance to work with a person who was a professional practicing meditator.  I became able to attract very fine bright energy to myself, the energy that even a professional meditation practitioner would love.


By using this very fine bright energy during a healing session, I became mentally and physically healthy and so did my clients.


I am able to resolve issues by using very fine bright energy that I had been unable to solve using the breathing method or other healing techniques.


This successful  professional meditation practitioner had totally detoxicated by working together with me. She has become more attractive both inside and out in a feminine way and had received a lot of complements from others.



Based on my tough experience, I believe that there are problems which even medical doctors cannot diagnose. I believe these problems may be related to some type of energy.  Our mind and body can improve if you treat your energy problem through an energetic healing approach.



In fact, I believe that almost everything in this world is influenced by energy in one way or another.



I know through my experience that I have been through that I can help people that are not only drained of energy and full of pain, but also people with mild lack of motivation, full of exhaustion, with no purpose, and suffer lack of confidence.



By handling this minute particle energy, I can perform my sessions from remote (without having to be in physical proximity).


The distance does not matter with minute particle energy as this particular energy can easily access the deep part of healing required, and is actually better than an in-person session.  The energy effects various areas and I have adjusted the energy for humanity’s everyday life. Believe or not, because of this energy I have now become left handed.  In addition, I love Apple products.




Sessions Offered



-General Healing Session


 This session covers general healing including release of blocks and relieve from trauma.



-Energy Vampire session


This session helps prevent your energy being taken by people around you and returns your energy from people who had taken it from you.



-Session for gullible person


This session is for people who are easily and often taken advantage of by other people.



-Session for re-enforcing a relationship with a target person


This session helps create better energy between yourself and a target person. This session can help you establish a better relationship with this target person.  The target person him/herself will not be changed or influenced.



-Session for people who are not good with Numbers


This session is for people who are have trouble with numbers, especially people that dislike math, algebra and calculus. I believe numbers have a great impact in our lives.


-Energy Attunement


I will perform the session with Energy that is needed by you at present and for which permission has been given by the universe. I will tell you which energy will be coming to you before session if you would like to know. 




Please send me a request which session you would like to receive from me, including options of the desired date and time (in Japan Standard Time).  If you are looking for a session that is not listed, please let me know what issue you would like to address and I may come up with a special session for you.



Not all issues can be addressed in a single session.  Additional sessions may be required depending on the depth of your issue and individual characteristics.



Please do not operate any vehicles during and immediately after receiving a session. As a result of the detoxification effect of a session, you may feel uncomfortable mentally, emotionally or physically for some time after a session.



Disclaimer: These sessions are not for the medical treatment or healing of any disorder of the mind, body, spirit or emotion.  If you have health issues, please seek your health care professional. You understand that you take full responsibility for the result of WATARAI’s  @ Creative Arts Showers.





I believe better energy compatibility leads to better session results, therefore I am seeking clients who have faith and are cheerful in spirit like angels etc…...



One session normally will last about two hours.  

The price except Energy Attunement is  $128 US.


The price of Energy Attunement is $260 US.


The session will come with original art I created during the session that will be sent to you vial email attachment after the session.



Payment fee via Paypal is accepted.



If you are interested to receive my session, the first session will be discounted. The discount price is $67US.  Also, I care for having compatibility with my clients. If I find the client is energetically incompatible with me, I will not accept any requests for a session for this client.


For any questions in regard to making appointments, please  feel free to contact me.






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